Friday, May 20, 2011

TRIPLE coupons!!!

This week is an excellent week! Who could be down when it's triple coupon week!? I mean does it really get any better than saving tons of cash and even getting free stuff!  I have been looking forward to triple coupons for a few weeks now and was very prepared for the shopping excursion(s)-- plural because there's kind of a limit to how much you can save at one time.  Harris Teeter has a 20 coupon policy-- 20 coupons triple per day, per household. You can certainly use more than 20 coupons a day, but why would you do that if they aren't all tripling.  I am pretty proud to say that I made out quite well in my 3 shopping excursions, here's a little summary.

Wednesday was the first day of triple coupons and I think every couponer in the city went mad on Wednesday. I work on Wednesday mornings so I didn't make it to the store until the afternoon.  By that time the Harris Teeter was unfortunately out of much of the good deal products. The way that couponing works is that you match the coupon to the sale-- so everyone had pretty much bought out the sale items I was looking for. I had some regular "stock up" items to purchase on Wednesday anyways, so I picked up those regular items (meat, bread, pizza :D ) and got what deals I could. My cashier told me at check-out that they stock every night, so I could try back another day in the morning and they may have what I was looking for. Here's how I made out on Wednesday:
Grocery Total: 100.61
- Vic Savings: 19.17
-Coupon Savings: 31.05
Total Spent: 50.39

My grocery bill on Wednesday was cut in HALF!! AWESOME!

Since my cashier on Wednesday let me in on the little secret that they stock at night, I decided to try to shop EARLY on Thursday. I had to be at work at 9am on Thursday so I got to the Harris Teeter at 7am on Thursday. (dedication!) And she was SO right, the store was pretty well empty,  and the items were stocked. I got in and out pretty quickly because I was prepared with my list and my coupon binder-- the coupons I was planning to use were already out and ready to go. On this shopping day, I pretty much stuck to my coupon list and bought only with coupons. 
Grocery Total: 79.80
- VIC Savings: 10.24
-Coupon Savings: 43.76
Total Spent: 25.80
You thought half off was good.... that's almost a 70% savings!!! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :0)

Friday was my last day of shopping. I had nearly 60 coupons to use this week and with the 20 a day policy, I had to split it up amongst 3 days. I wanted to make it the earlier days in the week that way I didn't risk Harris Teeter running out of the product I was seeking. Plus, I must admit that I don't really want to spend my weekend at the grocery store. On this day I was wrapping up the last of the coupons, and picking up anything that they were out of the previous days-- plus I went to a different Harris Teeter on this day.  I must admit that on this particular day, I detoured off of my list just a teeny bit-- I picked up some more meat, plus we needed lunch meat, and they had buy one get one cookies that I couldn't resist. (I should know better than to go to the store hungry... ugh)
Grocery Total: 127.07
-VIC Savings: 29.59
-Coupon Savings: 57.58
Total Spent: 39.90

Say what!! I went off of my list and I still saved nearly 70%!! Go Dana, it's your birthday!! :0)
Just have to say that this blog post makes me VERY happy. It makes me enjoy math again.... and many of you who know me well know that I am TERRIBLE at math... I mean, that's the reason I have a Bachelor's in Social Work-- you only have to take 1 math class! Hope you all have enjoyed this post as much as I have, even if that means just reading along and thinking how big of a dork I am. Love you all and hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Good shopping, my deal hunting friend!

    I went once and will probably go one more time. I saved 75%- which is good considering a lot of the sweet deals were for things we don't use. The most exciting deal was on the toothbrushes! Jackson "eliminates" a toothbrush a month, at least... usually using the toilet method ;)

  2. I got Leeland a little toothbrush too! :0)