Saturday, May 28, 2011

pool party.

We were invited to a pool party today at a friend's house. I was SO stoked! Leeland got in a pool once last year while we were at the beach-- an indoor pool, he was 2 months old and it was a brief instant of me holding him in his onesie and he splashed a little.
He enjoyed it then... I guess enjoyed it as much as a 2 month old could comprehend that he was being held against his will in a pool. He smiled at least!

So today was going to be Leeland's 2nd time getting in a pool ever in his life, and I was pretty stoked! Though Daniel wasn't coming to the party because he had to work, he was pretty stoked too! We thought he was going to have a blast... I mean, he loves bath time! And another bonus is that I would get to show off his new swimsuit! It's from I-Play. They make baby swim suits with built in cloth diapers, they're SUPER cool! And they are on sale here.

I got him all decked out in his gear....
And I even put entirely too much sunblock on him, because I don't take any chances!
I promise that's sunblock.... he doesn't always look so ghostly.

So after the 20 minute routine of getting him ready for the pool, inflating his float with my very own lungs, we walked down to the pool and.... he HATED it! He cried, balled up into fetal position and clung to my bathing suit with a grip I have never seen before.  From a 1 year old's perspective, I can see why the pool would be a little intimidating but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. We'll keep trying though-- isn't that what toddlerhood is all about? Trying new things, some days they like it and some days they don't-- at least that's how it goes with Leeland and food.

Any tips to make Leeland's next pool experience go smoother?

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