Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day.

In a lot of ways, Mother's Day is just a regular 'ol day to me. Mother's Day is a day to appreciate your mother, but in my case, I spent most of the day reflecting on how thankful I am to be a Mother.  My Mother passed away when I was 7 years old from breast cancer-- you would think that this holiday is extra hard on me, and typically it is, but not this year.  I have a wonderful Step-Mother that I am able to honor on holidays such as this, but I also think that being a Mom myself was a distraction from looming on the passing of my Mother.

This morning, Daniel got up with Leeland and I got to sleep a little bit longer than the norm. I walked out of the bedroom to find a card from Leeland and a card from Daniel. Daniel had to work today but this afternoon, Leeland and I spent time with my family at my sister's house eating burgers.  In honor of Mother's Day, dinner tonight was from the crock-pot.  Taco chicken chili, very little work but SO delicious. I got home from my sister's house to a glorious aroma!  After dinner, in typical Dana fashion, I did some baking. Did you know that it's strawberry season!? What a glorious time strawberry season is! And when your refrigerator is overflowing with strawberries, you bake them. I have a standby crumb cake recipe that I typically make with blueberries, and on one special occasion (Valentine's) made with raspberries. Tonight it was strawberry crumb cake!
check out that streusel topping!
crumbly goodness :0)
That is all for now folks-- as much as I adore being a Mother and feel so incredibly blessed to have Leeland in my life, life as a Mother never stops. There's laundry to be done and sleep to be had to begin this next week. I feel terrible that life has been so hectic for us lately-- please be in prayer for us as a family.... so many decisions to make, and we're still waiting on the right answers. We hope to hear good news in the next 4 weeks, but we appreciate the prayers anyways.


  1. The crumb cake looks delicious!!!

    Thinkin' about y'all <3

  2. Hi, we have Kroh's in our family tree too...wonder if we are any relation? LMK if you are interested in exploring family