Monday, January 7, 2013

Anniversary Celebration/Date Night!

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the 3rd!  I know, I know what you're thinking... only 4 years?  Well yea, we get a lot accomplished in 4 years.  (Haha!)  We celebrated with a date night, which we are pretty certain was our first date since Hayden was born.  Is it lame that I don't remember if we've been on a date?  So I guess either way, it had been a while and we were FAR over due.

We started the evening going to the indoor shooting range.  Daniel has been asking me to go for a long time now, and so I told him, "I'll go if it will toot your horn." I'm a little nervous and anxious around guns, which I think is totally normal and healthy-- they are weapons, and we all need to be safe and cautious with them.

When we got there, because I was a first timer, I had to watch a safety video about the rules and proper handling of the gun and then we were assigned a stall to have some "fun", and in the end it was very fun.  I'd go again!  (Plus, what a unique date! If any of you are looking for ideas.)

We've already decided next time we're shooting zombie targets.

After shooting, which didn't take long, we went out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants.  A fancy one, where we could select anything on the menu and didn't have to share with wee ones.  We even splurged on an appetizer and got dessert to go.  As Tom says in Parks and Rec, "Treat Yo Self!"  And since I made it very clear in the beginning of this post, that these dates don't happen often, treat ourselves we did! 

It was so much fun!  Special thank you to the G-Ma and the Papa that kept our little boys, they had so much fun spending quality time with you guys.  Now our goal is to make these date nights happen a little more often.  I'm thinking once a month-- what about you guys?  Regular date nights after kids?

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  1. I really enjoyed my time with you this night Dana!