Sunday, March 25, 2012

The norovirus taught me.

If you read my germs post, it seems that we just can't catch a break around here.  What we thought was just a 24 hour bug that Leeland had, turned out to be norovirus.... And we all got it.  Here's a totally TMI list for your entertainment of what the norovirus has taught me.

1. If one person in the family gets it, we all get it.  We would like to think that little Hayden was spared from the virus, but honestly he spits up and poops all the time as it is so how would we know if he had it?
2. We need softer toilet paper.
3. A 3rd crib sheet would be a great investment for times like this when I'm constantly washing messy sheets.
4. I should chew my food more. (Yea, I went there.)
5. In reference to #2, Desitin is not just for babies and works well for adults as well.
6. Sleep is the best healer.
7. When Mom is out of commission, it takes a toddler approximately 15 minutes to completely demolish the living room.
8. You can mix Pedialyte with ANYTHING, including milk should your 2 year old scream and beg for it.
9. Pedialyte is not just for children.
10. Our house is due for a MAJOR disinfect of germs.

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