Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Cloth Diaper Stash.

Since the arrival of our 2nd little dude, our cloth diaper stash has really grown.  Having two kiddos in such a short span of time, 2 little boys under the age of 2, that means 2 tushes that need diapers.  I had hoped to get the potty training train going a little for Leeland prior to Hayden's arrival, but he isn't interested right now.  I hear that little boys take a little longer.... And to be honest, it's probably a blessing, potty training is hard work on a Momma and takes incredible diligence and with a lot of my effort going into a newborn right now, it's one less thing on my plate.  I've been wanting to get some shots of our stash for a while now, but all of the diapers aren't typically clean at once-- so here is the majority of it.....
The following diapers are currently used for Leeland...
22 one-size bumGenius 4.0's
2 one-size Kawaii diapers
2 one-size Bamboo Kawaii diapers
1 one-size diaper without a name
2 one-size Charlie Banana diapers
2 one-size Fuzzibunz

....And these diapers are used for Hayden right now
24 Oso Cozy size small unbleached indian prefolds
5 Thirsties diaper covers (4 are duo size 1's and 1 is an extra small)
Also not pictured we have 2 dozen size medium Green Mountain prefold diapers, along with about 7 size medium and size large covers (combination of Bummis and Thirsties).  These prefolds were purchased when we first started cloth diapering Leeland at 6 months old.  Then he got to moving around a lot, and we upgraded to the one-size pocket diapers so that they were easier to wrestle on him.  Hayden will grown into them soon enough and until then, we tri-fold the prefolds and stuff them into a pocket diaper for night time use for Leeland. 
We also have over 50 cloth wipes, about 85% are handmade from receiving blankets.  And we have 3 wet bags, (a Planet Wise, a Bummis and a Thirsties). 

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