Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's and 10!

    Happy Valentine's to everyone, and happy 10 months to my little man Leeland!! What a great 10 months it has been too. Daniel and I decided to celebrate Valentine's this past Saturday night-- we've gotten SO good at celebrating birthdays and holidays before they are actually here. We went out to dinner as a family to Olive Garden, and I had gotten Daniel a card. Leeland got me a card, and Daniel got me a card, some chocolates, and some flowers. It was perfect!!!

The older Leeland gets, the more I see his personality come out and it is such a pleasure! He is HILARIOUS! Here are some things that he has been up to--

* Leeland is not walking on his own yet, but he will run holding onto the couch or his dinosaur walker. He will stand all by himself for a minute or two but seems to be afraid to take a step without support. We're working on it.
*After trying several brands, we have finally found a sippy cup that he is getting the hang of and learning how to drink out of, soon it will be time to start weaning from his bottle.
*He wants to hold his own bottle ALL the time now.
*We're introducing more solids (diced foods) now, he LOVES avocado, bread and crackers. He has also tried tomatoes, carrots, Olive Garden bread sticks, and apples with cinnamon.
*Leeland is taking a bath in the "big boy tub" now. He had an inflatable duck that he always took a bath in, and a while back I tried to give him a bath without it and he screamed like crazy, he was scared of the actual bath tub by itself.... but now he has gotten the hang of it!

*He is growing, growing, growing! He is still very low on the chart for his weight but he has gained. He only weighs 18 pounds and 7 ounces which is considered the 20th percentile. However he is very tall, he is 29 1/2 inches long and that is the 85th percentile.
*He is very ticklish and has the CUTEST little cackle!
   Well, it's after midnight and WELL past my bedtime.... that's all that I can think of to write now, other than Leeland is the cutest, sweetest boy I have every met! And I am SO happy the Lord blessed us with such a great baby! I really enjoyed having 2 Valentine's this year-- Daniel and Leeland <3


  1. Thanks Danielle!! I'm pretty smitten with the little fellow. :0)
    BTW, I love your blog and I have really enjoyed all of the love stories!