Sunday, February 20, 2011

First time at the park!!

    Leeland went to the park for the 1st time today! It wasn't exactly what I expected, but it was nice to expose him to some new things.  We went with my sister-in-law Shelby and her 1 year old daughter Hopelyn and also Daniel's cousin Erika and her 2 year old daughter Rachel.
    Leeland was kind of fussy just before we left, it was pushing nap time, but it's really difficult to coordinate 3 baby's schedules when they are all very different.  So cranky he went to the park and it didn't really fare all that well.  My mother-in-law describes Leeland like a cat.... I used to just laugh at that and think that she was being silly, but now I truly do get it. He's like a cat because it takes him a minute to warm up to people and places. Dogs aren't shy and aren't typically afraid of much-- they just run right up to anyone. But cats stay back, and wait to get to know you a little before they approach. Leeland does the same thing!
    When we first got to the park, Leeland acted like he was terrified, he was very clingy and scared of everything. He screamed in the swing, he screamed when I set him down, he screamed when I tried to walk him around holding his hands. We did go down the slide together once and he did okay. After an hour or so (and a little snack) he got back in the swing and liked it somewhat. He cried, laughed, whined, smiled and then cried again. We'll try again soon when there is pretty weather and he is rested-- I also think that he will like it a lot better when he is walking on his own. None the less, here are some photos from our trip.....

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