Saturday, February 19, 2011

The debate is on.

    So we've got less than 2 months to complete planning of Leeland's 1st birthday party, which I think is kind of a big deal.... maybe it's just because I was the one who went through 9 months of agony and the labor, I'm pretty proud that he is here, happy, healthy, and turning ONE!
    Who knew there were so many things that you have to consider when planning a little kid's birthday party-- I've got the invitations and many of the decorations pretty much planned out, but I can't buy any of those things until I know how many people to expect. So who do I invite?? Do I make it just a family event? There are some friends that I would love to have there, but I don't want to exclude anyone? Do I invite all of my friends? Would my friends even come?
    Then depending on how many are invited, where are we having the party? Our apartment is WAY too little, my parents have said that I could have it there.... but what if a lot of people end up coming? Where would I put up my decorations?
    After all of that, I even have a dilemma with the date of the party.  Leeland was born on April 14th which falls on a Thursday this year. Naturally we should have his party either the weekend before or the weekend after-- I prefer the weekend after because then he really is one years old..... unfortunately though there is a conflict with work. On the Saturday after his birthday is the "walk for life" at work which is a huge fundraiser for us and I have to be there to work it (and honestly, I want to be there). Soooo, do I have his birthday on a Sunday? Traditionally Sundays are people's family days, when they go to church, relax and prepare for the upcoming week. If I have it on a Sunday would anyone come!?

Too many decisions!!!
And those who know me, know how bad I am at decisions....
Thoughts, tips, or advice is welcome :0)

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