Sunday, February 6, 2011

Itching to sew.

Well, I was feeling quite ambitious this weekend and headed out to JoAnn fabric store Friday night with baby in tow pushing his bedtime.  I have come across SO many neat blogs and free patterns online recently and just want to sew ALL of these cute little things on top of sewing some basic curtains for our living room-- I mean, we've only lived here for a year and a half.
So I got back from JoAnn, got Leeland to bed and started cutting and pinning, I got half of a little dress sewn together for my niece's 1st birthday present before my sewing machine started going nuts.  It's about 11 years old and my Grandmother purchased it for me after I took a home-ec class and expressed great joy in sewing.  She was very excited for me and bought me the $50 Kenmore sewing machine I own today.  It's been messing up a lot lately, it has some serious tension issues.  The thread can be set at the same tension and within a few inches of sewing it goes from loose to tight to broken thread to having to start over.  Quite frustrating to say the least!  Last time I was working with it, I was making cloth wipes so it didn't matter what the stitches looked like- they were just for a baby's butt. But the cute little things I am making for my niece need pretty stitches.
With all that said, I can't wait to get my hands on a working sewing machine-- SO many things I desire to create.  Will keep you posted on my creations, and will post some pictures once I have complete projects.


  1. Aw how frustrating Dana! I hope you find a good affordable new machine. I actually don't have one but desperately want one. Oh and let me know if you need to know a good place to find beautiful, unique fabrics. I go to a great place :o)

  2. OOOO! Please do fill me in! The only place that I know to go is JoAnn, which is fine (especially if I have a coupon) but very mainstream. Is your place decently priced?

  3. learning to sew is on my list of things to do this year, for sure :)

    thanks so much for sharing on my breastfeeding story, friend!