Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some crafty gifts...

So I had all these intentions of posting blogs about all the crafts I made for people for Christmas.... then we lost internet connection for a good 3 weeks, and now I'm a little overwhelmed playing catch up. SO, with that said, here are some of the gifts that
I made and hopefully I didn't miss much ;D

First for the children in my family, I made canvas bags with their name or monogram on it. We have several new babies in our family, so I figured they could be used to carry baby things or as a "spend the night with grandma bag." I also made one for my niece and thought she would probably carry it as a purse or books in it to school.

I also did some crocheting. I made hats for many of the babies in my life, and also a blanket for Leeland.
Rachel and her flower hat, Hopelyn wearing a bunny hat and Leeland with a penguin hat :D

Hooded birdy blanket
I printed photos from my dear friend Alisa's family photo shoot of us for my parents & grandparents and also for Daniel's parents & grandparents.  And I made a necklace for Daniel's grandma that I unfortunately didn't get a picture of... It was a blue pearl necklace with blue ribbon roses.  

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