Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas with the Kroh's

We didn't intend for Christmas to be a major event, yes it was Leeland's first Christmas but we didn't want to blow it out of the water or spoil him too much.... And we didn't have to! Our family spoiled him pretty hard core. We spent Christmas away in Michigan with Daniel's extended family so we opened our presents as a family and celebrated with my family before we left. We opened presents here at home on the 16th. Daniel and I were working with a small budget, so we just exchanged a few things, and got Leeland a couple toys and a toy box. I also made Leeland a few things-- a blanket and a bag with his monogram.

We went to my parents house on the 18th and exchanged gifts there. My family draws names, which is really nice so that we don't have to spend too much money and everyone gets something. As adults, it's not really about the presents anyways. Of course the children don't draw names and boy do they get spoiled! We had no idea that Leeland would get so much!

Daniel's parents came over on the 20th to give Leeland his gifts. They went to Michigan too, but didn't really care to travel with ALL the presents they got him. Leeland RACKED UP! Most of the toys that Leeland got for Christmas won't even fit in the toy box that Daniel and I got him. For the past 9 months, I have been storing away a lot of baby items thinking that we will keep them for the next child if we are blessed to have more, there is NO way I am going to be able to keep all of this stuff! We truly are blessed with a loving family!

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