Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leeland is 9 months!

Leeland is officially 9 months tomorrow!  He is becoming more and more active, developing more of a personality by the day and as cute as ever!  Here are some of the things going on at 9 months....

-He is crawling as fast as ever, he'll crawl after whatever catches his eye.  He crawls up to strangers when they come to the house and crawls after the dog.
-He is pulling up on EVERYTHING, and checking it all out.... he's even attempted to pull up on the dog and up on a wall in his room.
-He can walk with assistance.  He walks if someone holds his hands and also can walk with his dinosaur walker.  (Not the best at steering the dinosaur yet.... see video)

-Leeland FINALLY has teeth coming in!  Apparently it's perfectly normal for a child to get their first tooth between 7 and 12 months... but I was beginning to wonder.  Also I learned that late teeth is hereditary and usually if they get their teeth later they will lose their first teeth later.
-He is eating like a linebacker! I feel like he must be going through a growth spurt because he would seriously eat ALL day if we would allow it.  He also has started "begging" when we eat which is kind of cute and funny
-He has celebrated Mommy's birthday and Mommy and Daddy's wedding anniversary this month and we are looking forward to Daddy's birthday next week.
-Unfortunately we don't know his size (height & weight) yet, he won't go to his "9 month check-up" until the beginning of February.
-I am getting more and more excited as the days pass about planning a 1st birthday party!!!

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