Sunday, January 17, 2016

21 Day Fix: Week 2

Woo wee!  Down hill slope now!  Last summer I felt very large and out of place in my very maternity swimsuit at the beach.... this summer, I hope to be just coming out of half marathon training and back in the best shape of my life.   I've gotten so many messages over the years with questions about the programs I've done.  Here's a link where you can see results and read posts about various programs I've done over the years.  I'm NOT a beach body coach, and I get absolutely zero compensation for sharing about the programs but I am certainly happy to answer questions!

One thing that I love about the 21 Day Fix though, is that it gives me so much pride in my results.  Plain and simple, no gimmicks, no wraps, no pills, we are NOT starving, no juicing, no fads, no nonsense.  It's plain and simple the old fashioned way of doing things-- EAT RIGHT, and EXERCISE. Trust me, I'm still exclusively breastfeeding an almost 5 month old, if it were bad for me, I wouldn't be doing it.

As with last week's post, here's a little peek into what the eating looks like.  Eating right is definitely harder than working out for most people (myself included.)  But you just can't workout for 10 hours a day...  if you want results, you have to change your eating habits.  Am I 100% all the time?? Absolutely not!!  I allow myself treats here and there, but it's been YEARS in the making cleaning up our food choices and it's a constant striving to do better.  With that said... here's what Saturday's eats looked like.....

Breakfast-- A sandwich thin with 2 slices of turkey bacon and an egg with a side of grapes and my morning coffee with low fat milk.

Post-workout protein-- Scivation Vanilla whey blended to perfection with a frozen banana, almond milk and PB2

Lunch-- Leftover baked chicken and roasted brussel sprouts along with a small side salad.

Snack-- It's football time ya'll and I was very pleased to find some "fix approved" football snack ideas around the internet.  Today we enjoyed Jean Reed's Buffalo Chicken Dip with some chips made from flax "flat-outs." Great snack, not so great outcome of the Chiefs football game....

Dinner--  After using up the last of my red and yellow containers (protein and carb/starch) for the day on my football snack, I was only left with veggies for dinner.  Fine by me because it made "cooking" easy.  A yummy tossed salad with a variety of greens, cucumbers and sweet peppers.

I can't remember if I shared last week, but both Daniel and I are following the Fix eating plan.  I'm doing the 21 Day Fix workouts, while he follows his own workout plan, but we are ALL cleaning up our food and eating better.  One thing I have been really convicted about this week is what the boys are eating.  Compared to probably 80% of American kids, they are great eaters.  They don't get treats and indulgences often, and when I cook dinner, they are given what I have cooked... However, one area where I have struggled over the years is breakfast for them.  They love cereal.  (And it's easy on mommy early in the morning before coffee.) I DO NOT buy marshmallow or chocolate or frosted anything kind of cereals, but even the "honey nut ______" cereal that I've been buying is very high in sugar.  So this week I've decided we can do better and can feed them better.  It doesn't make any sense for me to eat clean and whole foods and notice how much better I'm feeling, and then turn around and give my kids crap food.  Again, the main concern here is breakfast for them.  (Lunch they get whole wheat sandwiches with various sides like fresh fruit, cheese, yogurt, carrots and dinner they get what is cooked and what we adults are eating.)

SO, with all of that said, this week I took to the kitchen with healthier alternatives for the boys' breakfasts.  Made some homemade granola that they can eat plain or throw in some greek yogurt, made some whole wheat lemon blueberry muffins (some for this week and a dozen to freeze for another week) AND I happened to discover a better cereal at Aldi on Friday so that they don't feel like their cereal days are completely gone.  It's made with WHOLE grain oats and only has 1g of sugar per serving.  AND it's organic!!

Anyway, I just unloaded WAY more than I intended to in this week 2 post.... 2/3 of the way done and headed into week 3!!  Traditionally week 3 of the program is "doubles week" meaning that there's 2 workouts done per day and at separate times. I honestly have no idea what doubles will look like this time around with an infant, but I'm gonna do my best and I'll be back with a review and results next week!

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