Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Days.

It's only the first week of May and our little guys already have farmers tans-- I'd say that Spring has been good to us thus far!  Here's what our Spring days are made of and what we've been up to....

Making a new bright, fun Spring wreath for the door,

Ripping out ugly bushes from the front of our house,

Making bow ties for our little fellows and them looking extra sharp wearing them for a friend's wedding and for Easter,

More and more yard work... but with a fancy new self-propelled lawn mower,

Planting a variety of garden seeds in our raised boxes and praying hard for a an abundance to share, 

Evenings with ice cream together just the 4 of us on the front porch,

Picnics in the yard with my favorite little fellows,

Lots and lots of bubbles,

Navigating the zoo,

More ice cream (this time at the zoo),

 Soccer games,

The "Walk for Life" for our local Pregnancy Care Center,

.... And, loving on this guy!

It's been a busy couple of months-- I've been reminding myself of our one word for the year.  Intentional.  Intentional with my time, with our time with one another.  Intentionally bringing out the camera to take photos, but also intentionally setting it down once in a while to stop and "smell the roses." Some days might seem long, but the years are oh so very short-- doing my best to absorb each and every moment.

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