Sunday, February 16, 2014

Half Training Week 4

To say that the winter weather has been frustrating is understatement of the year.  It wouldn't be so bad if it was simply just cold.  But in typical North Carolina fashion, we have days of 50's and 60's and days of 20's and 30's with snow all in the same week.  All those little 50 and 60 degree weather days are little teasers, and are driving me nuts! I love those days and crave those days along with weekly long runs.  Alas this week brought 6-10 inches of snow.... So naturally, it was to be a whole lot of snowed in indoor work outs.

Here's the breakdown:

Monday February 10- Rest
Tuesday February 11- Turbo Fire Low HIIT 20 and Burn Circuit (Burn Circuit is actually a 30 minute sampler of Chalene Extreme, and is a total body weight lifting workout.)
Wednesday February 12- P90x Legs & Back
Thursday February 13- Rest
Friday February 14- Missed
Saturday February 15- Turbo Fire HIIT 15 class and Stretch 10
Sunday February 16- Ran 6 miles (Yay for some sunshine and dry/snow scraped roads!)

This week was quite emotional for me.  The weather has been up and down a lot, and it makes it so hard to get motivated to work out weeks like this.  I have really really been enjoying this running journey, and I can't run when that much snow is on the ground.  I just can't. I don't think I realized how much I love those runs though until this week when those opportunities were taken away from me.  The long runs especially have become not only a way for me to get my "me time," but I also, spend that time worshipping God.  I get a whole lot of thinking, and praying, and praising and sometimes even dancing in during those runs.  

On top of the disappointment that I didn't think I'd be able to run at all this week, I also had my first missed work out this week. One of the biggest struggles I've had on this fitness journey is giving myself grace when those misses arise.  (If I'm really honest, I struggle to give myself grace in more areas than just working out.) I really tend to beat myself up when those misses come!  Without even knowing how much I was beating myself up at the end of this week, my beach body coach Ashley posted this in our challenge group this week, and it really struck a cord with me.... "...No matter what you choose to do today, remember that it IS just one day. You can get back on track tomorrow if needed. The problems start when we keep saying it's just one more day and never jumping back on.  If you realize that one day out of the week or a couple days out of the month don't 'doom' you, then I think you've started thinking of being healthy as a LIFESTYLE instead of a diet! No matter what, you haven't failed unless you never jump back in!" Amen!? 

So who knew you could learn so much about yourself on a fitness journey?  All glory to God, he is really breaking me and shaping me! 

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