Saturday, February 22, 2014


We get asked all the time about if and when we will expand our family.  Usually people mean expanding in the form of baby humans.... But, we decided we'd expand in feather form! Ha! We brought home 6 new baby chicks last night.  I have wanted chickens FOREVER! That was one of the first things I asked Daniel for when we bought our house. (It only took a year of convincing.) Last month when my birthday rolled around, Daniel surprised me and said that I was getting a chicken coop for my birthday, which of course meant baby chicks in the spring.  Well... The weather hasn't been very cooperative for our coop building, but when the feed store had the breed I was looking for this week, I just had to bring them home.  So I guess we have about 6-10 weeks to finish the coop, so our girls have a place to live. 
Here's our little babies! They were sold to us as sexed females, which from what I've read online is usually 90% accurate.  I pray they're all females, because at this point I'm just not interested in taking on a rooster.  And I don't know anyone who needs one.... And I don't think I could kill it and eat it myself.  I'm already growing quite attached to these little ladies.  We had some outdoor time this afternoon and the little girls were just hopping into my lap.  Sweet little girls! 

We ended up getting 6 total, and 3 different breeds-- 2 Buff Orpingon, 2 Barred Rocks, and 2 Silver Wyandotte.  The barred rocks are the ones I was dying to get-- I just think they're SO beautiful! 

Hope our Instagram and Facebook followers are ready for the flood of baby chick photos in the coming weeks.  I just can't take my eyes off of them.  Snapping lots of photos because they're adorable, but on top of that, I just feel like a paranoid first time mother.  I've researched for this for over a year, but I just can't stop checking on them, and reading about them. 

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