Saturday, February 1, 2014

Half Training Week 2

Week 2 of half training! Here's the break down.... 

Monday January 26- Ran 3 miles, Turbo Fire abs 10 and stretch 10
Tuesday January 27- P90x plyometrics class
Wednesday January 28- Turbo Fire, Fire 45 class and stretch 10
Thursday January 30- Rest
Friday January 31- Ran 3.8 miles
Saturday February 1- Ran 4.3 miles
Sunday February 2- Rest

Trucking right along-- the increase in mileage goes quickly with the training schedule I'm following, so far I've been doing well, but I fear I will hit a wall soon.  Praise God for gorgeous weather to be able to run outside 3 days this week! (And because NC is crazy, the other days there was snow on the ground.) I'm really loving my 5 day a week schedule I have going-- I found that I got burned out quickly doing 6 days a week before. Looking forward to rest tomorrow and beginning week 3 Monday!! :)

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