Saturday, September 28, 2013

Turbo Fire!!

So, many of you have asked about the end of P90x and what the next phase will be for me in my weight loss journey.  After doing some research and much debate and indecision, I decided on Turbo Fire. Turbo Fire is a high intensity interval training cardio program, quite different from the strength training I was doing with P90x.

So why the switch? Well, just looking for a little something different for one. Plus I've always been more of a cardio junkie. I have NO doubt that strength training works... And works well. I saw great results with P90x, but want to do a little something different. AND added bonus, there is a hybrid P90x/Turbo Fire work out schedule, so when I finish this round of Turbo Fire, the hope is that I will begin the hybrid schedule and find the perfect balance of strength training and cardio. 

I start this Monday! So here are the before pics and before measurements. I will not be doing the weekly wrap up posts this time around, but I do plan on pictures and measurements for 30-60-90 like before. (And actually this program has an added advanced training month, so there may be a 120 Turbo Fire post too.)

Before Turbo Fire:

Chest- 36 inches
Biceps- 14 1/8 inches
Thighs- 26 inches
Hips- 42 inches
Waist- 33 inches
Weight- 180 pounds

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