Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some firsts!

Lots of fun stuff happened this past weekend, we had some good quality time together as a family.  One of the things is both boys' 1st Easter egg hunt! It was SO cool too-- the one we went to was sponsored by a local church and the eggs were dropped by helicopter!  YES, a real helicopter! Leeland was in heaven. 

 The helicopter is so cool, right!? Hayden was in his own little world for the hunt, happy with his 1 egg.  At the end of the hunt all the kids exchanged their eggs in for candy.  I really liked that twist!  Most hunts the eggs have candy already in them, this way though, no matter how many eggs a kid got, everyone still got equal amounts of candy.  Not to mention I'm sure it's beneficial to the church to be able to re-use the eggs again next year.  We had so much fun though and will definitely be doing this easter egg hunt again next year!

Another first this week-- Mr. Hayden had his very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or part of a sandwich, like a quarter of one is all he ate.)  And yes, I took photos!
I think he liked it!  He had some more the next day with lunch and covered his face in peanut butter.

And Leeland insisted I take some photos of him too.
 Leeland looked at me the other day and said with a complete straight face "Momma, brother's growing up!".... Yes, yes he is Leeland, and so are you little man!

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