Sunday, March 10, 2013

Praying over my boys.

A few weeks ago Daniel and I, (and the boys of course) were doing some grocery shopping, as we approached the check-out and were standing in line, we walked into something we didn't expect.  Two women were going back and forth bantering and cursing at each other-- I have no idea about what.  They appeared to be complete strangers, we were in the self-check out, it was probably something silly like a misunderstanding of order or how many items someone had.  One of the ladies had a little boy that looked to be about 7 or 8 years old-- it was petty and ridiculous is what it was....

So these two women are bantering back and forth throwing around words that I DO NOT, and our friends and family DO NOT throw around in front of our kids.  My initial reaction was shock and fear, and my gut instinct was to pick up my boys, cover their ears and run far, far away.  Anything to get them out of the situation and to keep them from hearing those words (and potentially repeating those words.)

Fast forward-- tonight as we we're riding to drop Daniel off for work, we got on the topic of our teenage years-- mistakes that we had made and regrets that we have.  Some of it was heavy stuff, but a lot of it was jokes and silly things too.....

Then on the way back home, (just me and the boys now,) my heart just felt SO heavy.  To the point of literal tears rolling down my face, just an overwhelming feeling of sorrow, and hurt knowing that my boys are growing up in such a broken world, knowing that I can't shelter them from everything, knowing that they are going to make many of the same mistakes that Daniel and I made.  It hurt so bad!

I won't and can't always be there to scoop them up and run them away when someone starts cursing, I can't put them in a literal or figurative bubble because that wouldn't be fair to anyone, and I can't hold their hand as they walk through this life...

So I pray.

One of my favorite parenting quotes, that happens to be framed and put up currently in Hayden's room is this:
"In raising children, all you can do is your
best... we take care of the possible and leave
the impossible to God."
-Ruth Bell Graham

I pray that Daniel and I are good examples to them.
I pray that they grow to be men of God's Word.
I pray that they learn from many of the mistakes that Daniel and I have (and will) made/make.
I pray for their future wives... Yes, at almost 3 years of age and 1 year old, I'm praying they have Godly wives one day.
I pray over their integrity, purity, salvation and faithfulness....

And after all that praying, I praise God and I thank God for his mercy and grace and that just as He has covered and washed away mine and Daniel's sins, He will do the same for Leeland and Hayden.

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