Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Like a new room (after photos)

If you haven't seen the before photos of our living room, you might want to take a peek here first.  It hasn't been a huge transformation, but just with a simple change of furniture, it feels like a whole new room.  I'm kind of amazed at the transformation.  I guess we could've went crazy and painted and really made it different, but that costs money and time.... and honestly, I'm a big fan of the tan for now.  But here are the after photos--
We knew we wanted the TV on the wall, so we turned the media stand that came with our furniture into toy storage with some bins.  I tried to avoid and fight the whole toys in the living room thing for a long time, but I have 2 small children.... since it's unavoidable to have toys in the living room, they can at least look nice and neat put away when not in use.
Yea, that's an electric fireplace... don't judge-- it works very well!
 The couch/love seat look very dark in these photos, they aren't black, they are a chocolate brown.
I can assure you my photo wall over the couch isn't as crooked as it appears in this photo. (Haha!) And I still need to whip up some accent pillows for the couches.

Well, what do you think?? Does it look totally different to you too?  We are SO excited.  I was kind of sad to see the sectional go, it was our very 1st couch as a family and a couple, and it was pretty darn comfy!  But I'm happy with our new furniture too-- I feel like we have a living room we can be proud of, lots of hard work to get to new furniture.  The next thing on our house wish list is a bigger kitchen table so that we can have guests over to eat with us sometime.

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  1. so cute! we're going to have to come over soon and check it out! :) yep, just invited myself. :)