Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sew crafty lately

Yea I know, cheese ball title, but if you've been a reader for a while, you probably know that's pretty common around these parts.  I was tempted to put "so" but that makes me think of the e-card/meme floating around that says, "I'm so crafty, I make people." (like babies... like pregnancy... which is equally as awesome and cheeseball-ish.)  All this to say, that I have been up to some stuff, crafty stuff!
I made a burlap wreath for our front door which I adore!  I've had the mustard yarn wreath on the door since October and wanted something new and semi-spring/summer. I think this suits that! 

I really really love it!  I think it will carry us into Spring and Summer.  The bow is red and white and reminds me of a picnic blanket. It's super simple and I've pondered on adding more stuff to it, but I think I kind of like simple.  What do you think?  I've even thought that maybe when Memorial Day rolls around I'll add 1 or 2 US flags to it?  We'll see.  For now it looks great on our door.

In other news, I also just finished up 4 adorable pillowcase dresses.  I'm not typically one to toot my own horn and am not much of a bragger, but I DO have to say that out of all the dresses I've made up to this point, these 4 are my favorite! (Especially the floral ones.)  These dresses are going to 2 sweet little girls, who are sisters.  They are my Brother-In-Law's nieces.

All of the dresses tie in the back to keep little hands from untying them.  The floral ones feature a cute heart applique, and the chevron ones have a contrasting fabric at the him and at the top.  They wanted two of the dresses to match and two to be different for the sisters and I think it turned out well that though the floral ones are different, they still complement each other well.  I really really love the beige/tan floral fabric! I'm seriously considering making myself a pillowcase style shirt out of it.

Now tonight I will be busy crocheting a hat for my sister and then I will be all caught up in the craft world!  It's really nice to let the creative juices flow and appreciate the "business." 

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