Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Cone Day.

 Today is Ben & Jerry's free cone day!  They essentially give out 1 scoop of ice cream per person, you choose a cup or a cone and they have buckets for you to make a donation to charity.  My understanding is that they choose different charities each year, though I'm not really sure.  This year, the money was going to the local Children's Museum. 

Free cone day lasts from 12-8 at our local Ben & Jerry's but there's always a wait and a long line, so I wanted us to get there early to try to avoid that.  Getting there early, essentially meant that Leeland was having ice cream for lunch.  For the record, we have never substituted a meal for ice cream or cake or any other sweet before, so this one time, I didn't think it would hurt.  Plus, I have to admit, it was kind of fun breaking the "rules".  This may become a yearly tradition for us!

Leeland made a TOTAL mess, so I just have to share a few photos from our lunch.  We had a blast!!! And bodies and clothes can be washed, so I wasn't bothered by the mess. 

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