Friday, April 6, 2012

Coupon Update.

Since being a stay at home mom, we've had to cut our budget quite a bit, and in my New Year's resolution post I talk a little bit about being a better couponer, and trimming our grocery budget.  Since the New Year I have been keeping track of how much I'm saving with coupons and my store savings card (VIC card) at each grocery trip.  Here's a little update on what I have saved up to today! 

I will confess that I slacked off a little bit in February and early March with my couponing, we had Hayden, and were all sick for a while.... excuses, excuses. The few random grocery trips we had, it was easier to send Daniel on a quick errand.  Also, to be honest, we didn't do a whole lot of major grocery shopping during that time anyway because very friendly people were bringing us cooked meals every other night.  Gotta LOVE Food Tidings!!

To date, we have saved $147.57 with coupons alone!!!
And we have saved $308.13 with our VIC card!!!

$455.70 saved thus far!!!

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