Thursday, February 2, 2012

Doc Update.

Since I ranted and raved about being sick and upset with my doctor's office yesterday, I thought I should probably post about how today's appointment went.  Sure enough, it is believed that I have a sinus infection, so I was written a prescription antibiotic. I'm still a little weary about all of these medications and being pregnant but they have assured me that everything is completely fine to take.  Not to mention, on the back of my mind is the fact that labor is coming soon, and I really need to do what I can to try to feel 100%.  It really would be no fun to go into labor feeling weak like I do now.  So hopefully, I'll be feeling a little more perky soon enough.

In other news, I'm also currently 2 centimeters dilated!  So funny to me too.  Going into my 36 week appointment last week, I just KNEW that I was going to be dilated or have some sort of crazy progress-- I thought that I had been having a few "real" contractions along with my braxton hicks... When they checked me last week, I was completely closed.  Nothing.  I'm not gonna lie, I had gotten my hopes all up and I was a little disappointed, but 36 weeks is still early.  So going into today's appointment, I thought I had a few contractions the other night, but I have just been so sick that I really have just been in all kinds of achy pain all over, so I wasn't sure.  And since I was closed last week and really didn't feel much different this week, I just assumed it'd be another check of nothing.  I kind of didn't believe the doctor when she said 2cm.

It's definitely exciting to have made some progress but I'm not holding out hope that they baby is coming this week or anything-- I walked around 1-2cm dilated when I was pregnant with Leeland for about 4 weeks.  It's all just numbers.  It is comforting to know though that when the time comes, I only have 8 to go instead of 10.

Thank you to all who have covered my health and wellness in prayer! We SO appreciate you!  I am going to continue to rest, get better, and prepare for labor.

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