Friday, February 24, 2012

Target Parking Lot Fail.

This week has FLOWN by!  For real.  I am officially the Mother of 2 and this week has had it's ups and downs.  Leeland and I have both had colds this week, and Daniel has been busy studying for a big exam he had today.  Hayden has jaundice and our week has been filled with doctor's appointments and home visits by nurses to check in on him.  I'm not entirely sure what I expected as far as becoming a Mother of 2.... I know I didn't expect it to be easy, but I don't think I calculated added stresses of sickness to the mix. 

Anywho, today we got out of the house for something OTHER than a doctor's appointment.  We needed some baby supplies and a few other random items, and I had a coupon to Target for $10 off so that's where we headed. (Not to mention, I really just needed to be out of the house.) Leeland was in the cart and Hayden was wrapped snug in the sleepy wrap I'm borrowing from a friend.  Hayden slept the whole time in the wrap and Leeland chatted my ear off about everything he saw in the store and said hello to all who passed us by.

Then we get out to the parking lot.  The weather here in NC has been nuts!  We got 3 inches of snow this past Sunday and then yesterday and today it has been in the 70's! Weird.  But also there is a thunderstorm rolling in supposedly for later this evening, so today it is WINDY-- I mean, really windy.  So we get out to the car and I get Hayden out of the wrap and buckled into his car seat.  Then I'm loading our bags into the car and I drop the bottled water that I bought.  If you have ever breastfed before, you know all about the incredible thirst you get when you're nursing.  I mean, I could drink a lake and still be parched. For real!  So when my water bottle went rolling under the car, no matter how far it rolled, I was going after it.  I needed it that bad!  So I load the rest of the bags and lay down on the nasty parking lot and start looking under the car.  Thankfully, it stayed under my car and didn't continue through the parking lot to somewhere else.  I finally reach the water and am feeling pretty good about myself....  Then I stand up to see that the wind is blowing Leeland away in the cart across the parking lot.  So I sprint across the aisle and capture the cart with Leeland and start to get him in the car.....

Then I hear a car start-- there was a lady sitting in her car next to mine, waiting to pull out this entire time.  I was totally holding her up with my doors open and with the cart and with the rolling around the ground to retrieve my water.  So embarrassing!

Well, now that I got that "make a fool out of yourself as a 1st time mom of 2" experience out of the way, we can all move forward and I continue to learn how to juggle these boys.

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  1. I can only imagine how you felt at the time but at least you can look back and laugh now! I wish there was a brake on carts, seriously