Friday, January 20, 2012

Toy storage bags.

I have become obsessed lately with blogs that have DIY projects and tutorials.  Since I have been staying at home with Leeland, I have found myself with a little extra time to actually craft and make things for our home, and also with the cut in an income, it makes a lot more sense to come up with sensible budget friendly solutions when there is a need around the house.  One blog that I have found in the past few months and I really enjoy is Make It and Love It.  I have discovered some really cool projects (mostly children related) that have pinned and plan to come back to later, and there is one that I have already made that I would like to share with you.

Just before Christmas, I did some serious cleaning out of Leeland's toys and wanted to do some organizing in preparing for Christmas.  I knew that Daniel and I hadn't gotten Leeland much, but I knew that Leeland has Grandparents, and cousins, and Aunts and Uncles that were going to spoil him.  (And they did.)  One of the things that I was struggling with was that I knew he was going to get several sets of blocks for Christmas and also several puzzles which would need to find a home.  At a perfect time, a tutorial was posted for some clear vinyl storage bags over on Make It and Love It.  You can find the full tutorial here

So far I have made 5 of them-- 1 large bag for Leeland's "Mega Blocks", and 4 of them for puzzle pieces.  Each puzzle has a bag of pieces.  He still has several more puzzles so I would like to make a few more. 

I must say that I found the tutorial REALLY easy to follow and once I got the hang of the 1st one, they were super quick and easy to whip up.  My OCD kind of wants to get annoyed at the fact that there is SO much room in the puzzle ones, I probably could've made them a lot smaller, but I just have to say that I was slightly limited by the size of the mixing bowls that we have.... Because, you know, I can't draw a circle, so I traced mixing bowls. I found the vinyl on sale 50% off at Joann, so I paid $3.00 for a yard and still have a ton, and all of the fabric I had on hand already.  I did purchase some little plastic cord pulls to secure the bags, but I later returned them.  I think that I made my drawstrings a little too thick, and my cord pulls were too small so I couldn't get them to fit.  It still works as a drawstring bag without those though. 

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