Monday, January 2, 2012

Birthday Festivities.

I turned 25 yesterday! It doesn't sound like I'm that old but I am half way to 50.  I feel so much older than my actual age to be honest-- probably because I'm married and I'm a Mom.  Many people that I went to High School with are just now getting engaged (or some are still single), and here I am married with a toddler and another baby on the way.  I absolutely adore my boys though and wouldn't change a thing!

As far as birthdays go, my birthday is always pretty low key.  I think having a Holiday birthday kind of makes it that way-- not to mention one that falls amongst the chaos of other Holidays.  Yesterday we attended church, and then came home for lunch.  I was exhausted from New Year's Eve so I took a nap when Leeland took his regular afternoon nap.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I stayed up till 2am New Year's Eve!  I have to say that I'm pretty proud of that.  Last year I didn't make it to midnight-- I think Saturday was the latest I've stayed up since Leeland was a newborn.... and staying up when he was a baby wasn't by choice. So needless to say, this pregnant Momma enjoyed a birthday nap!  Once we got up from our nap, it was time to head to my parent's house.  My sister's birthday is December 28th and so we always get together as a family on New Year's and celebrate both.  We have the traditional southern New Year's dinner of turnip greens, pintos, some sort of pork, and cornbread.  It is absolutely delicious!  Each item has a meaning but I forget what's what-- health, wealth and luck for the New Year.  We also had a yummy ice cream cake! (pictured at the top).

Nothing beats relaxation and food as a way to celebrate your birthday-- especially when you're pregnant. 

The festivities didn't end there-- Daniel and I also enjoyed a nice date night tonight.  Tonight's date was kind of a combination of celebrating Christmas, my birthday, and our anniversary.  And to be quite honest, it had been far too long since we have went on a date so really any reason is fine by me.  We started the evening dropping Leeland off with Daniel's parents and then we headed out to Ulta for me to splurge a little with my birthday money.  You know it's love when your man is willing to wonder around the beauty store with you. I purchased a skincare set by Philosophy and some new make-up by Smashbox, both I hope to write a bit about once I have used them at least a week.  After that we debated about where to go eat and settled on Kabuto, a Japanese restaurant where they cook on a grill at the table.  It definitely hit the spot!

Happy 25th birthday to me and Happy New Year to all of you guys!  Hope you enjoyed your Holiday weekend as much as I enjoyed mine.

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