Saturday, June 18, 2011

pool fun?

The water is beginning to grow on Leeland!!! Praise the Lord! He is gradually getting a hang of this whole pool thing for recreation and the fact that he must have a bath every night. I've probably mentioned before that my Mother-In-Law says Leeland has the personality of a cat-- he also isn't a huge fan of water just like a cat. My fear with the pool thing though is that by the time he starts to get the hang of it and eases up, Summer will be over and we'll have to start all over again next year.

My Mom hosted a Pampered Chef party the other night, it was out on the patio, and the hostess made grilled pizza, so Leeland and my nephew Tyler played in the baby pool while the women shopped and ate. Here are some photos of the cuties!

Though we made great strides in the water department this weekend, I am sad to say that Leeland is still terrified of swings.
You win some, you lose some! Happy weekend all! :D

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