Monday, August 13, 2018

Happy Birthday Evelyn!

Happy birthday to our littlest one!  One year old today.  It feels like just a blink ago that I was anxiously awaiting post due date for her to just enter the world.  What a difference a year makes!

Sweet girl had a "one in a melon" themed birthday this past Saturday over brunch with close family.  We are so incredibly thankful for so many in our life who love our little people so well. 

Our brunch menu included "Jo Jo's biscuits" (Magnolia cookbook) with jam, cheese, fried bacon, sausage, watermelon (of course), and deviled eggs (also from the Magnolia cookbook.) All followed up with some delicious chocolate cupcakes with buttercream and chocolate chips.  

Evelyn's birthday dress was made by me using the "Isobel" dress pattern by Violette Field Threads, along with the "Ruby" diaper cover pattern.  

Her invitations came from "Funny Bunny Creative" on Etsy.  

Baby girl was spoiled rotten by all of her family.  She got some adorable new clothes and toys, and the funniest were the amount of baby food pouches and baby snacks she received.  She sucks these pouches down in literally like 30 seconds, and our family has clearly taken note at how much she likes them.  

She also really enjoyed her cake!  She wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but once we cut into it so she could see what was inside she began to eat it up..... It's either that, or she's just a spoiled princess and wanted someone to cut her food for her.  Honestly, I'm fine with either of those scenarios! 

At one year old our little lady, has 2 teeth, weighs 18 pounds, 2 ounces.  She's 28.5 (ish) inches long and she's holding strong in size 12 month clothes still along with size 3 diapers for now.  She still hasn't taken independent steps, but furniture walks well, and wonders the house with a walker on occasion.  

She can wave "bye bye." and blow kisses.  And she's built a lengthy vocabulary of baby babble and gibberish.  But she also says "Momma", "Da Da" and "uh-oh." Oh, and did I mention that she's too busy for pictures?

She is such a joy!  We feel so incredibly thankful that we get to call her our daughter.  She truly is "one in a melon."  

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