Sunday, August 26, 2018

Happy 3rd Birthday Joel!

I don't know where to begin talking about this boy.  

He's wild and unruly.  He's spunky and silly.  But he's oh so cute, snuggly and sweet.  He's like a mix between a wild bull and a golden retriever at the same time. HAHA!  ... In all seriousness our Joel can't be put in a box.  He's a one and only kind of guy and we love him SO much! 

We celebrated him this weekend with family at a local splash park.  The splash park wasn't our original intention, but alas when the amusement rides at the city park we planned on being at broke down, the parks and rec department went above and beyond to accommodate our family.  And honestly, it was perfect weather and the kiddos still seemed to have a blast.  

Toy Story was the theme choice of the 3 year old.

Birthday invitation from Malaria Prints on Etsy.  We also purchased a pizza planet shirt in blue from Tees 4 Parties that I of course don't have any pictures of him wearing.  Whoops!

We kept the menu simple with it being an evening of playing in the water.  Pizza seemed like the obvious choice (hello, pizza planet) and salad and chocolate cupcakes. 

Honestly it was a really simple party.  I think with age and more kids, I've begun to remove some of that 'perfect party' pressure and just enjoy my family.  We were surrounded by family who loves our kiddos so well and we were so thankful for the quality time with each of them. 

In true fashion of my family, many of Joel's gifts were full of snacks.  You might remember Evelyn's party recently and the image of her surrounded by baby food pouches.  Everyone knows that Joel loves food.... so much so that I'm not sure he even chews when he shoves his cheeks full like a squirrel.

He got goldfish,

cheese puffs,

3 bags of chocolate covered pretzels,
and even a pineapple.

Of course, there were more "normal" gifts as well of toys and clothes and bubbles too.  But his excitement as he shouted "MORE SNACKS, WOO HOO!" each time he pulled out a gift bag was pretty hilarious.

It was so exciting to celebrate our big boy and embrace this age of fun.  
Happy birthday Joel! Welcome to 3!
We love you SOOOO much!! 

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