Monday, August 8, 2016

The Instant Pot

Ya'll... myself and literally 214,999 others purchased Instant Pots on Amazon prime day.  Were you one of those??  They were $50 OFF guys!!

Mine has already found a cozy home out on the counter joined by the Kitchen Aid.  If you don't have one, you are missing out and should run and add it to your Christmas wish list. (Just my opinion, but it's true.)

Missing out on delicious, fast food...

AND also missing out on the cult that is the Instant Pot Community on Facebook.  
There is a growing trend over there of folks naming their Instant Pots, which is awesome and hilarious.  I haven't made a habit of naming appliances previously, (though our 2 vehicles do have names), but after seeing some of the creative things folks are coming up with out in internet land, I know that I need to name our instant pot something now... I just need a day with my thinking cap and a lot of coffee first. 

Here's just a glimpse... 


Confession-- I laughed way too hard at the Donald!

Classic!  Can't go wrong when it involves The Princess Bride.

Of course the husband liked this one. 

The Instant Pot is a magical 7 in 1 appliance, including rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker and yogurt maker, but it's mostly known for being an electric pressure cooker and for getting dinner done quick and easy.  

Anyway, I've had so much fun with it already-- here's a list of some things we've tried.  (Best read in a Bubba Blue/Gump accent.)

So far we have had...
All made in the Instant Pot, and my list of things I want to cook in it just keeps growing.  I've heard that hard boiled eggs in the instant pot come out perfect and peel easier so I can't wait to try that!  And I'm really looking forward to having this handy appliance for the school year when co-op starts back up, our school work load grows and we are involved with more extra curricular activities  because I really need fast easy dinners on the days that we are busy.  

So, spill friends-- do you have an Instant Pot?  What's your favorite thing to make in it?

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