Sunday, August 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Joel!

Today the littlest Kroh is one year old!

...And I wouldn't be a very good blogger if we didn't take a look back at the last year.  This year has been pure joy!

The very last bump photo-- 41 weeks.  He would arrive within a couple days.

I love reading birth stories, and Joel's birth story happens to be one of my favorites.  A witness to God's provision and His love and care in every single detail.

Of all the monthly photos I have taken, the pumpkin bonnet photo is my absolute favorite.  That sweet face, the pumpkins, the cheeks, the blue eyes... I melt every time!

The struggle of getting "the shot" in our first photo session as a family of 5.  This pretty much captures it all!  (Photo credit, my sweet friend Alisa)

You know I had to include a Christmas shot from the year.  Joel is the only baby (of our 3) to not cry on Santa's lap.  We'll see how it goes this year though!

Big 'ole grin and sweet baby chub at the park.

We blinked and suddenly he was standing for his monthly photos.  (7 months)

That very first time I got "the shot" of all three of them both looking and smiling! Victory!!  (And this one totally got framed!)

Baby boy loving the beach for the first time.

The picture we chose for his first birthday invitations.  (Can't wait to party with our family next week!)

Baby's very first haircut.  No longer a baby... definitely a toddler!

What a year it has been!  After genuinely believing that Hayden was going to be our last baby, I'm overwhelmed that we were blessed with another.  I'm so thankful that I have been entrusted by God and called to Mother the hearts of each one of our precious boys.  The year definitely went by way too fast but I have been challenged, and grown... I've laughed and I've cried... I've learned so much about myself, but even more about our mighty God!

Joel is such a sweet soul!
He loves to smile, and giggle, and snuggle.
His big brothers make him laugh the hardest.
He loves books and music.
He literally never stops moving-- not even in his sleep. Haha!
He loves church and gets so excited when we arrive to his class.
...and Joel is loved beyond measure by our family.

Happy 1st birthday Joel! We thank God for you!

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