Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Baby's 1st Haircut!

The littlest got his very first haircut today!  I cut the big boys' and Daniel's hair myself, but in an effort to make a big deal out of Joel's very first haircut AND because I was feeling a little anxious about the idea of having scissors around the wiggly guy, we took him in to a kid's specialty salon.


Bless the sweet lady that worked with him.  He NEVER stopped moving the entire time she was working... and in reality there wasn't a ton to cut.  He just needed to be evened up a lot because some of his baby hair was long and getting knotted and he was growing a little "rat tail."  But anyway, he was pretty enthralled with the police car and spent pretty much the whole time bouncing up and down to the sound of the sirens! No tears at all-- he really was a joy! Haha!!

The big boys are never going to want me to cut their hair ever again.  Going on a random Tuesday afternoon meant that the salon was empty, so they had a blast attempting to play video games and riding in the other vehicles.  (They had NO clue what they were doing with the video games.  Bless them, it was quite funny!)

AFTER (including his very 1st sucker!)

Such a sweet babe!  Handsome going in, and just as cute coming out of the salon. 

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