Thursday, April 14, 2016

Leeland's 6th Birthday!

I always enjoy putting together my kid's birthdays.  Honestly most often I feel like I get more excited about their birthdays than they do.  But while I enjoy every single one... I have to confess that I had A LOT of fun putting together this birthday for Leeland.


Here's the invite, purchased here on Etsy.

And while I normally just serve food-- because I enjoy feeding people.... we went all out with theme food for Hayden's birthday this year, so we had to do it with Leeland's too.  AND I found this really cool printable food tags that I could print and fill in from pottery barn kids.

So in our belly went....
"Han Burgers" and "Jabba the Hot Dogs"

"Leia's Lays" and "Jar Jar Beans"

"Fruit Sabers"

"Star S'Mores"

"Imperial Cupcakes"

... and "Wookie Cookies" to go for all of our party guests as their "thanks for coming!"

Star Wars decor...

.... AND we even had a super special guest appearance by DARTH VADER!

And Mommy dressed as Rey for fun ;)

We are tucking in an incredibly happy 6 year old tonight!  He has been looking forward to his Star Wars party for months.... No seriously... for months.  He was over the moon excited with how his party turned out and had SOO much fun playing with all of his cousins and teaching all of our family's about Star Wars.  Not to mention, he was incredibly spoiled with Star Wars gifts and fun toys.  

Happy 6th birthday Leeland!

Daddy and Mommy love you SOO much and are so incredibly proud of the young man that you are becoming.  

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