Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy 8 months Joel!

8 months is 2/3 of a year!

Becoming more like a toddler and less like a baby with each passing day.....

This month our littlest fellow has been quite the busy body!  ... AND is oh so brave!  We're pulling up on everything, and he must have gained a little height because things he couldn't get to last month are now officially no big deal.  

He says, Momma! (YAY!)  And occasionally babbles out Dada.

He's fearless too.  I remember when Leeland first starting pulling up on things, he wouldn't dare wiggle... Joel on the other hand, pulls up, wiggles around, does some dancing and even will let go and hold on with one hand.   AND the furniture walking has just begun.  Especially if he's trying to reach something that his big brothers are trying to keep from him.  Still a faster crawler, but if he really wants something up high, he takes a few steps.

He climbs the stairs now. The kiddo figured it out... all downhill, I mean, downstairs from there.  

We're still nursing, even though in the recent weeks he often acts as if he's just too busy to eat.  And we're still doing purees with him once a day.  I've tried to introduce some bite size solids, but for now he isn't quite interested in chewing.... It's just too much, and he's just too busy.

He's still waking in the night 2-3 times.  I think mostly due to his wiggle worm status.  Once he wakes, he just wants to sit up and/or crawl all over the bed so then he's really awake!  

No measurements this month, but still holding strong in the 18 month clothes he was wearing last month.  Maybe we've finally hit a plateau! Or maybe he's busy burning calories exploring the entire house these days.

Kiddo really is such a happy baby, and is loved and adored by all, but he especially enjoys the love and attention he gets from his big brothers.  Happy 8 months Joel! 

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