Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

We aren't crazy Valentine's people... I don't know why.  The only thing I can think of is that it tends to sneak up on us... or gets overlooked.  We have both Daniel and I's birthdays in January along with our wedding anniversary, and then we look forward to Hayden's birthday on February 19th and it's like BAM there's Valentine's day and we have nothing....  Like no presents.  No present ideas because we got everything we wanted for Christmas or for our birthday, and we really don't eat a lot of candy, and Daniel makes fun, but I'm just not a flower gal.  They take up my counter space for a few days only to wither and die.

Anyway, the boys were bit by the Valentine's bug this year!  They learned about Valentine's at our homeschool co-op when a few kids gave out Valentine's and candy to them and all of their classmates.  And then on Wednesday at Bible study, their craft in their classroom was making a Valentine.  In reality, our boys are big on ANY celebration though.  They just get SO excited about each holiday and every single birthday party we are invited to.... ANY reason to celebrate is fine by them.

So alas, Valentine's snuck up on me in typical February 14th fashion.  A couple of days before the only ideas I could come up with to celebrate revolved around food.  (Why do all holidays revolve around food?)  Either way, the boys were asking where their Valentine's were and all I could come up with was that we were going to have a special Valentine breakfast and that we'd get a yummy dessert after dinner.
Heart Shaped raspberry rolls drizzled with Nutella for breakfast.  They were delicious!  And clearly, our kiddos don't get sweets very often because they were ALL over the Nutella and it was ALL over them! HA!
And then we headed off to church.  Our message at church today was not specific to Valentine's... in fact, our church is in the middle of a study series going through the book of Mark.  But it was during worship that I was struck with an ache.   A pain for those who don't know Jesus.  We were singing a song, and in the chorus it says, "Christ is enough for me"  repeatedly.  (Christ is Enough by Hillsong)  It's a song that I've heard so many times, and I have memorized the words to, but today it just struck me so much harder.  

On this holiday that is so greatly marketed as a holiday of "love", there are folks out there who feel un-loved.  Who feel un-wanted.  Who have a void and an ache in their hearts that is not filled by their spouse, or their kids or their parents.... or maybe they literally have no one in their life.... I remember that ache!  I remember trying to fill that pain in my heart not too many years ago.  Trying to fill the void with friends and boyfriends, and what I thought was "love." I accepted Christ as my Savior in October of 2004... so not too long ago.  I still remember that feeling of pain.  The pain of looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places!  Dear friends, I'm not a preacher.  I don't normally head this direction in a simple blog post about my day, and there's still so much more that I  myself can learn from the Bible, but the Lord placed this message on my heart and it's been running through my mind ALL day long.... so if this message finds the recipient that it's for.  No man will fill that void in your heart.  It's Jesus!  

"Christ is Enough for me!" 
 ....And Christ is enough for YOU!

"The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease." -Lamentations 3:22

With all of that said, my heart is extra full this Valentine's Day.  Leeland prayed to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior just last year, and then just last Tuesday, our sweet Hayden prayed to have God in his heart!  I am overwhelmed with joy for these boys that the Lord has blessed us with, and all that he is teaching them.  (And teaching me through them!)  I am one lucky lady to be able to watch them grow and mature.  God has been SO good to me.  
.... And in case anyone is curious about the boys' special Valentine dessert.  We had this yummy chocolate cream pie.  (Super easy to make too!) So while we didn't set out to make a big deal about this particular holiday, they were spoiled and their love tanks were on FULL.  

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