Sunday, February 21, 2016

Joel is 6 months!

Happy half birthday to Joel!!!
We have a 6 month old!  Oh wow!  .... And confession, my birthday crazy self is already online pinning away ideas for that big first birthday. What can I say!?  Leeland and Hayden talk about his birthday already too-- we've discussed an array of themes from, "Where the Wild Things Are," to "milk and cookies" and/or "cookie monster".... to Batman.  All in good fun!  Time is definitely flying by way too fast, so while I'm excited for the little munchkin's growth, I am a little anxious that it's all happening so quickly.
The Lord is teaching me about comparisons lately, and I know when most of us think about comparisons, we think about comparing ourselves to other Moms or other people in our lives and feeling like we have to live up to a standard.  It is most certainly true that comparison is the thief of joy and that we shouldn't compare ourselves to others, but I'm learning about comparing my kiddos.  It's funny, going into being a mother of 3, I felt seasoned and like I knew it all.... after all, it is not only our 3rd kid, but also our 3rd boy.  It's supposed to feel like we're just doing the same thing all over again, right?  Wrong!  

Each of our precious ones was uniquely created by God.  They each have their own looks, their own personality, their own likes and dislikes, and their own little quirks that make them special.  While this is my 3rd rodeo, it's a new adventure and a new child.  So while I found myself falling back into step with how I did things "this way" for Leeland as a baby, or "that way" for Hayden as a baby, Joel is his own unique individual!  So here I am, 3rd time through and doing it a little bit differently.
Mr Joel tried his first foods a couple weeks ago.  Of course the planner that I am had planned to wait until he was exactly 6 months old (to the day) and skip the pureed food just like we did with Hayden.... and that hasn't happened at all.  He had his first taste of food (other than breastmilk) on February 4th, and ((gasp)) it was PUREED!  Well, mashed really.  Mashed up banana with some breastmilk.  And then next night, mashed up avocado with breastmilk.  We can't compare our children, right?  

Anyway, the kiddo has LOVED all the foods he's tried so far and the list is getting pretty long.  Some items mashed up homemade at home, and some store bough purees.  He's still mostly breastfed and is just exploring different tastes once a day at dinner time.  
The little man doesn't go for his 6 month check-up until early next month so unofficially on our home scale he weighs 21.8 pounds.  He's in cloth diapers the majority of the time, but when we use disposables, he's rocking a size 4.  Wearing mostly size 12 month clothes but will probably be bumping up to 18 months before we know it.  

Another big change this month is that we've been transitioning him into his crib.  Again, each kid is so different!  Leeland never slept with us and was a very independent sleeper from early on, Hayden slept in our bed with us for around 18-20 months before just going straight to a toddler bed skipping the crib altogether, and now Joel is transitioning decently to his crib at 6 months.  He has slept through the night off and on and we're trying to find our groove.  He is SUCH a wiggle worm, even in his sleep, so while I get better sleep when he is not in our bed because I have space and I'm not being kicked in the face, it's certainly harder on me when he wakes in the night to nurse and I'm up and down and up and down to get to him.  

Kiddo is beginning to sit up on his own, he barrel rolls and spins, and he army crawls... but he goes backward so far.  Ha!  I'm telling you, wiggle worm!  It is such a joy to watch him want to keep up with his 2 big brothers SO bad.  And he will be soon enough!  Let the childproofing begin!

Sweet Joel, happy 6 months little guy! 
6 months that have gone WAY too fast.
We love you so much, and are enjoying each and every moment. 

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