Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rough Start....

As mentioned in my very belated Christmas post, we've had a rough start to 2015.  Sickness struck and it unfortunately hit Momma the worst.... and naturally it had to hit birthday week.... which is also anniversary week.

So quite the bummer, but I headed to my birthday dinner at my parent's house on New Year's Day not feeling so hot.  I did my best to put on a happy face, and enjoy, but it wasn't easy.  AND it was a traditional New Year's dinner which I love, so I was a little bummed to barely be able to choke it down.
Hog jowl, black eyed peas, turnip greens, cornbread and deviled eggs

As with other years, I get to request my birthday dessert and I asked for coconut pie this year.  It may seem like an odd request since I'm the cake lady, but honestly, the cakes that I make are for other people.  I'm much more of a cobbler or pie person myself.  My Grandma made a DELICIOUS coconut cream pie... I had a tiny sliver, and took the rest home..... and it eventually got thrown out because I was deathly sick all week.  ((sigh))  I'm still pretty sad about that.  
So fast forward two days to our 6 year wedding anniversary.... that's when it all hit.  I woke up feeling like DEATH!  We had a sitter lined up for the boys that night so that we could go on a much needed date, so that morning when I woke up feeling so terribly, Daniel instructed me to go back to bed and try to shake it off.  I spent the ENTIRE day laying in bed doing the best I could to rest up in hopes of still making our date.... we had to cancel.... I spent a few days throwing up everything I tried to eat, lost 5 pounds and had to go to the hospital to go get IV fluids.  Momma doesn't get sick often, but apparently when it strikes, it REALLY strikes me down!

Thankfully after a few days, I'm feeling a lot better.  Trying my best to play catch up around the house-- things don't stop just because you are sick!  We have loads and loads and loads of laundry, filthy floors, Christmas toys still strewn throughout the house, and no blog posts since early December.  It's been a busy season, and I've had a rough start, but I'm incredibly excited for what 2015 will bring for our family!  How was your New Year?  Hopefully you all have managed to be free from germs this season!  It's been a rough season for many!  

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