Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pregnant woman rant. ;)

It's been asked a few times, so I'll just put it out there, we are NOT going to find out the gender of baby #3.  Since this is most likely our very last pregnancy (I've learned to never say never) we have decided we want the excitement of finding out baby's gender at birth.  We attempted to do this when I was pregnant with Hayden but had an over zealous ultrasound tech, so this time we are making it very clear to them that we do not want to know.

With that said.... I've gotten a lot of comments and questions since we already have two boys that I want to clear up.  Things like--

-"Were you trying for a girl?"
-"Is it a girl?"
-"Are you hoping for a girl?"
-"I hope for your sake that it's a girl."
-"Oh, once you get that girl, you can be done."
-"You need a girl!"

Let's get something clear.  If baby #3 is a girl, we will be thrilled.  If baby #3 is a boy, we will be thrilled.  12 weeks along as of yesterday, so we have anywhere from 26-30 weeks until we will all found out! :)

.... And I already finished crocheting baby #3's blanket (all of our kids have one) and made 2 styles of hats just in case.
P.S.  If you have been one of those folks who have said one of these things... I'm not mad.  I get it. I have heard these things over and over for a week, just clearing it up that we are seriously happy either way.  Boy or girl doesn't matter to me.

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