Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Starbucks gift card winner!

Spent my morning dropping off a huge load of baby clothes at a local church consignment sale, and I'm not gonna lie, dropping off all of those sweet, tiny, little baby clothes that were worn by both of our sweet tiny little babies... when they were babies... was a little sad.  So I headed over to Starbucks to pick up the $10 gift card for the giveaway and snagged myself a Grande 2 pump, no whip, with foam pumpkin spice latte to console my wounds.

But anyway, this isn't supposed to be a sappy post.... it's a happy post because someone is getting a Starbucks gift card in their mailbox very soon!!  And that someone is.....
YAY Veronica!!!  I do hope you enjoy your Starbucks deliciousness that is headed your way.  Thanks to you and everyone who entered and shared the giveaway!  :)

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