Saturday, September 20, 2014

Albion Fit Giveaway!!

You guys I am beyond thrilled to do this giveaway!  Like, if I could jump up and down and type at the same time... I would be doing that right now.  I first shared my love of Albion Fit last year in this post, and I've been a little obsessed with them ever since.  I currently own 2 swimsuits by Albion Fit and I CANNOT wait to own more pieces.

So why am I so obsessed?  Well, for one, all of their stuff is just so cute.  But for two, not only is it stylish, but they are quality pieces.  Quality fabrics, excellent fit, and oh so so so comfortable!  Here's some shots from our beach vacation this year in the ruffly red swimsuit that I purchased from Albion Fit.

I've never been a fan of swimsuit shopping, and I mostly just feel awkward in one pieces- you know, that whole getting used to my new mommy body thing.  But this swimsuit is so comfortable!  And the ruffles, the v-neck, and criss cross straps in the back, it's just perfect!  So thank you Albion Fit, I truly appreciate your work.

So now for the fun part of this post-- Albion Fit has graciously allowed me to do a GIVEAWAY!!!  You guys, I'm so thrilled!  I've wanted to work with them for such a long time.  So you all have a chance to win a $25 gift card to Albion Fit!!!  

So what would you buy with your gift card if you won? Here's some things that I've been drooling over.....

The new Unwind Pullover

And.... the White/Grey Petal Pant

How to Enter the giveaway:

Two things....  1. Go "follow" @AlbionFit on Instagram.  and 2. Pin your favorite item from Albion Fit to Pinterest.  Leave me ONE comment below saying that you follow them and with a link to your pin. That's it!  And you could win $25 to shop!!  I will draw a winner and contact them the morning of the 26th.  Feel free to share with your friends! 

AND you can use the code "dana15" for 15% off of your order until September 28th! 


  1. Both done! Love their stuff. Super cute!

  2. Done and Done!,%20Glacier

  3. Both done!

    Robyn :)

  4. DONE and DONE! love their stuff!! Could really use some warm fall work out clothes!!

  5. Done!!! Hope I win!!!


  7. Following and here's my link!

  8. following! and here is my link! I recently just found this amazing brand, and I cannot wait to make my first purchase! thank you for the contest:)

  9. Have been following them for a little while but haven't bought anything yet. Here is my link -

  10. Link for Patti Harden

  11. I'm not sure if my last comment went thru...
    I follow them as @budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs
    I love these pants and pinned
    Thanks! This would help a lot with a purchase!