Saturday, June 14, 2014

21 Day Fix Week 2

Week 2 already!  Week 2 pretty much goes the same as Week 1, it's doing all the same exercises again and still eating clean and portioning out my meals per my suggested calorie intake.

***again, just like last week! keep in mind that I only am including my meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) eaten here! I also have my regular snacks as well. 

Day 1: Total Body Cardio Fix
Finally had a morning that I didn't wake up sore!  And I completed this class without hitting pause at all, both very exciting things.

Eating went a little something like this-- steel cut oats with flax, cinnamon, and half a banana for breakfast, a mixed green salad with cucumber, tomato, balsamic vinaigrette and 2 hard boiled eggs for lunch, and baked chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus for dinner.

Day 2: Upper Fix
I had forgotten how much I enjoy weight training until getting back into it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so in love with a nice long relaxing run by myself, but lifting weights gives you that feeling of getting stronger and stronger each and everyday.... Leaves you feeling accomplished and sore.  This program has a really nice balance of both weights and cardio in my opinion.

Eating was my usual banana oatmeal for lunch, mixed green and veggie salad with hard boiled egg for lunch and we did breakfast for dinner with turkey bacon, scrambled egg and a piece of whole wheat toast.

Day 3: Lower Fix
I really really really love lower fix.  And the exercises in it are ones that I can see myself continuing to do for my leg days, but it does seem a little cruel to load up the weights at my shoulders for the majority of the exercises the day after upper fix when my arms are already on fire.

Bet you can't guess what I ate for breakfast!  Banana oatmeal! Ha!  Lunch was baked chicken,  and asparagus and dinner was "fix approved" pancakes and turkey bacon.  Ok, pancakes!? Say what!?  Yes fellow fixers, pancakes!

Fix approved Pancakes
Mix together 1/2 red container of cottage cheese, 2 egg whites, 1 yellow container uncooked oats, 1 banana smashed, and cinnamon to taste. Cook on a griddle like you would pancakes.  I served mine up with a spread of 2 teaspoons of peanut butter on top.
(Counts as 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 purple and 2 teaspoons)

Day 4: Pilates Fix
The day almost got away from me, so 10pm workout it was.  I much prefer morning workouts, but it's better late than never, right?  And afterwards, no matter what the hour, I feel accomplished.  Tonight especially so because I conquered the exercises, including the full 60 second forearm plank. It definitely was not as bad as I remember last week feeling, and I feel so flexible today.

Banana oatmeal breakfast, a mixed green salad with veggies, hard boiled egg and balsamic vinaigrette for dinner, and grilled chicken with sautéed yellow squash, zucchini and onions served over brown rice for dinner. And another recipe share for fixers-- a special little treat I had tonight after my pilates.

"Cookie Dough" Yogurt
Mix together 1 red container of greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla, pinch of sea salt, and 1 teaspoon of mini dark chocolate chips.  Delicious!

Day 5: Cardio Fix
Got my Cardio Fix in early this morning and it felt good to get the day off to the right start.

Breakfast was my banana oatmeal, lunch was leftover chicken with squash and zucchini served over some quinoa and for dinner I tried another new recipe-- a cauliflower pizza crust pizza!

Cauliflower Personal Pizza Crust
Use a box grater to grate some cauliflower into rice shape, I filled 1 green container full of this rice size cauliflower.  At this point, many people microwave it.... we don't own a microwave so I threw my rice sized cauliflower into a small pot to boil with some water and soften.  Then strained with a metal mesh strainer-- strain it really really well!  I pushed down with a wooden spoon to get all the water out, some people use a tea towel to squeeze it out.  Beat 1 egg, and add 1/2 of the egg to the cooled cauliflower rice and pat down into a personal pizza sized crust onto a pizza stone.  Bake at 450  degrees for 20 minutes flipping half way thru. I topped my pizza with a couple spoonfuls of plain, low sodium tomato sauce, a generous sprinkle of italian seasoning, a green container of chopped green peppers and mushrooms, 2 slices of cooked turkey bacon and a blue container of cheese.
(With my toppings and all it counts as 2 greens, 1 red, 1 blue, and small portion of a purple container.)

Day 6: Dirty 30
Let's just say Dirty 30 isn't my favorite and leave it at that... Haha!

The eating today-- banana oatmeal for breakfast, another cauliflower and veggie pizza for lunch and then for dinner we had bun-less turkey burgers, corn on the cob and a side salad.

Day 7: Yoga
For anyone who has been following my journey since last year, this may come as a shocker.... I loved yoga today! 

Eating, I had some fix approved pancakes (recipe above) with peanut butter for breakfast, lunch was bun-less turkey burger with a mixed green salad and for dinner we had grilled chicken, Brussels sprouts and corn on the cob. 

Week 2 complete!  Next week at this time I'll be sharing my results.  I'm so excited!

P.S.  For anyone not using the 21 Day Fix containers and wants to duplicate some of these recipes, the container measurements are as follows:  Orange = 2 tablespoons, Blue = 1/4 cup, Yellow = 1/2 cup, Red = 3/4 cup, Purple = 1 1/4 cup, and Green = 1 1/4 cup.  Feel free to sub in measurements as necessary in the recipes above.

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