Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Fun

It is definitely the most wonderful time of the year!  As we enter the Holiday season, there is definitely no lack of fun and ideas for the boys, and I am loving it.  Leeland is very into his "schooling" lately.  We have been very loosely doing some homeschooling activities, books and projects over the Summer since the NCHE Conference, and while he is loving it, I am taking full advantage.

Here's a little Fall craft we did a few weeks ago.  (Thanks Pinterest!)

 The idea was to use Q-tips to decorate the trees with fall colored leaves.  To dot the paint.  Leeland got it, Hayden had a nice progression of dotting the paint, to streaking the paint, to finger painting, to....

... to face painting.  Yes, it's non-toxic.  And he clearly had fun!
And then last week we went to the Farmer's Market, visited the pumpkin house, and bought pumpkins to carve.

As much as I tried to fight it, Daniel insisted we needed 4 pumpkins this year... so we hauled home 4 pumpkins for the boys to throw them around a bit, refuse to get their hands dirty in the cleaning process, and of course the boys aren't allowed to use knives yet.... So Daniel and I had a great time carving pumpkins! Haha!  They actually turned out really well, and to see the boys faces in the end, 4 pumpkins was well worth it.

We got pretty creative this year, huh?  A pirate, a mustache, a silly face, and The Lorax!

Happy Fall ya'll!

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