Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Days 1-10

I'm not sure entirely where this idea came from.  I feel like there was something similar done over the radio on KLove last year during the month of November, this year I have noticed lots of friends sharing in the fun on Facebook so I decided to join them.  I have been posting daily on Facebook in my status something that I am thankful for, for each day of this lovely month of November.  For recording purposes, and reflecting on later I guess, I would like to post those on the blog as well-- so here's what I came up with for Days 1 through 10.

Day 1- SO thankful to be at home everyday with our little Leeland. Cherishing all these moments with him and memories made.

Day 2- Thankful for awesome Christian musicians and Christian radio broadcasting-- songs that are encouraging and uplifting to me, and that I love to hear Leeland singing along to. 

Day 3- Thankful for a healthy pregnancy thus far and to have 24 weeks behind us. Also thankful for my midwife appointment this afternoon, and hoping Leeland can hang through it because I didn't get a baby-sitter. 

Day 4- Today I am so very thankful for my best friend and husband, Daniel. He's the man of my dreams and I am so happy to be married to him! :D Thank you Daniel for all your hard work for our family, can't wait to snap green beans with you when we're old. ♥

Day 5- Though I am really missing my Mommy today, I am thankful for the almost 8 years of my life that she was here. Thankful for the love and memories that we shared. (17 years today, love and miss you Mommy)

Day 6- Thankful for the weekends and quality time with my family. With our previous jobs, Daniel and I hardly ever saw each other, we were always "tagging in and tagging out" to care for Leeland. Now we get 2 full days a week to rest and relax! 

Day 7- Thankful for the roof over our heads and the food on the table.

Day 8- Today I am thankful for loving, caring and supportive friends. Friends who I don't see near often enough (sorry about that) but are always there.

Day 9- Today I am thankful for the knowledge shared to me by a dear friend about cloth diapers and for our stash of cloth diapers. They have saved us SO much money and have been super fun to use too. 

Day 10- Today I am thankful for Leeland and that he lets me sleep in every morning. Very appreciative of my sleep these days, as I know that I will be greatly deprived of it in about 15 weeks or so.

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