Saturday, July 30, 2011

Secret's Out!

I'm Pregnant!!!!!
We have known for about 5 weeks now that we are expecting baby #2. We were not trying to get pregnant, but we trust in a mighty God who knows our plans before we do. (For the record, Leeland was unplanned as well. It happens!) When I first took the pregnancy test and broke the news to Daniel, we were both in shock for a few days.... and then in denial. When we had found out we were pregnant with Leeland in 2009, we told our families right away.... This time, it took a few weeks for it to sink in. It's not a bad thing, and we aren't disappointed, we're actually super excited! We just needed a little processing time for the "unexpected" this time around. As of today, I am 10 weeks and 3 days along and the estimated due date is February 22, 2012. We finally broke the news to the Facebook world and the Twitter world last night, and I figured I'd blog a little today. (So sorry I have been such a bad blogger by the way...) At least now you know why I have been avoiding the blog.

1.) I'm not very good at secrets and was very tempted to let the cat out of the bag on my blog-- I mean, I don't have that many followers anyway.

2.) I have been VERY sick and VERY tired for the past few weeks and have kind of become a lump on the couch. I am slowly getting my energy back the past couple of days, which is truly fabulous. Definitely ready to get into the 2nd trimester!

We have a day full of errands ahead of us, so I have to run but I couldn't blog without a few pictures to share. We received a new ulrasound machine at work last week and I got to be the guinea pig to test it out and make sure it works! So here is our little peanut! This was my VERY FIRST time seeing him/her at 10 weeks pregnant. I was quite emotional. And with all of the excitement of the new machine there was about 15 people in the room witnessing the very same little heartbeat, all of us completely in awe of God's creation. Enjoy!

I was told he/she was relaxing. He/she had it's arms crossed just lying down.


  1. I'm so, so happy and excited for y'all Dana :o) Leeland's gonna be a big brother!

  2. Congrats on baby number 2 I think it is awesome that you chose to led God be in control :) Thanks for coming by Kaeli's Kiwis! If you are still in the NC area, be sure to come back by often for local giveaways...
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