Monday, October 25, 2010

Take That Apple!

So our old computer crashed... an HP laptop that  I purchased my sophomore year in college.  I have always wanted a MacBook but never had the money to fork out for one.  It's so sad how consumed in technology that I have become that I felt like life was sooo horrible without a computer.  I have become so attached to all of my gadgets that it's kind of ridiculous.  There are countries where people have to walk for miles to access a computer, and I'm sure that are countries out there where people have never actually seen a computer.  Anyways, we finally broke down and got a MacBook--after killing 2 PC's, it was time to try something new.  However when we got it, I immediately went to sync my iphone to the itunes on the Mac and I guess I just assumed that all of my music was going to be saved.... And it was not! I have about 1000 songs on my iphone and none of them would transfer into itunes!! And of course I don't have all the CD's that I have ever uploaded, that would be insane! I was devastated thinking that all of my music could be LOST FOREVER!  So they make music so that it can go from itunes to your ipod/iphone or other gadget but not the other way around.  I understand the reasoning to prohibit copying music, blah blah blah... but it still sucks for people like me who aren't doing anything wrong.

Well, it turns out that there is a solution! It is possible to go from iphone/ipod or other gadget to itunes.  You just have to use 3rd party software!  A friend of mine suggested a program called "Senuti" which is itunes spelled backwards.  You can download it for free and it transferred 1000 songs from my iphone into itunes in just a few minutes! Amazing!!

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