Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leeland is 6 months!

Leeland is officially 1/2 a year now! Not too much longer and it will be time to plan a 1st birthday party!! Can you believe it?
At 6 months old, Leeland can....

-Sit up without support
-Eats solids 3 times a day now.
-Has been introduced to rice crackers and LOVES them! We call them his cookies.  They are banana flavored "Baby Mum-Mum"
-Has been introduced to the sippy cup, we put water in it and gave it to him a few times.  The baby books say to introduce it this early-- he didn't quite get it, and since he's teething, he really just wanted to chew on the handles :0/ We'll try again!
-He hasn't started crawling yet, but it's definitely going to happen soon! He can do baby push ups, and he gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  Currently he seems content barrel rolling everywhere. And it's cute, so I'm not complaining!
-He is doing some serious teething right now! His gums seem to be a little swollen so we're expecting his first teeth to come through any day now.
-He weighs 16 pounds and is 27 inches long.
-He is extremely ticklish and loves to laugh.
-He is a social butterfly and will smile, babble and laugh at anybody.  He likes to "talk" to strangers while we are out and about at the grocery store or where ever.
Excessive drool from teething
-He loves singing and music, and dancing and jumping
-In fact, he is all around an extremely active little boy! He doesn't stop moving, even in his sleep!
-He's still sleeping about 10 hours a night
-He had his first cold a couple weeks ago :0( It was very hard to watch him be uncomfortable.  He was quite fussy and rightfully so considering he was so congested and had trouble with his bottles and his binky (who he loves)
-His binky's (pacifiers) are his best friend! And I am already dreading the day that we have to wean him off of them.
-We have been putting all of our change in his piggy bank for the past 5 months and took it in to the bank and opened his very own savings account!
That's about it for now! I say this every time, but time is truly flying by! Life has been SO exciting the past 6 months and every minute with our son has been incredible! He is learning so much, growing quickly and becoming more and more active as the days pass!

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