Saturday, May 21, 2016

Joel is 9 months!

3/4 of the first year has already passed!

.... And party planning is going in full force.  Because I'm a little bit birthday crazy like that.  (We chose a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme for his 1st!)

We aren't walking just yet, but we're getting close.  Joel can stand up on his own without pulling on something... and he can steady himself without holding on to anything for balance.  No steps just yet though!

Still going strong breastfeeding, and still NO teeth!

His latest trick is waving.  Waving hello.... waving goodbye.... and often just smiling and waving for the fun of it.

Another new trick-- the "fetch" phase has begun.  The tossing things so that someone will pick them up only for him to toss them again.  Mostly he plays fetch with his big brothers, because they insist on being the ones to pick things up for him.

Mr. Joel also enjoyed his first beach vacation this past month and the kiddo LOVED the sand and the ocean.  He had sand in every roll and crevice, and even some sand in his belly that he ate.

Happy 9 months little dude!  

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